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If you want to send us any amount of Money you feel is fair via PayPal that would be great, we will credit it to your account. Thanks

Members section and email bills disabled - Please call 1-866-GavTRON

Some of our customers have been concerned that they have not had a bill recently. Most, though, have not even noticed we stopped sending them.

When the software that emailed bills was discontinued by our vendor, without notice, it was not on our high priority list to replace it. Due to Internet email scams, and many customers not wanting lots of computer generated emails from us that say exactly the same thing anyway.

Many customers had even gone to great lengths to have us disable their bill. Others had put in false email addresses. Other customers commented how great it was not to be bothered. So we have now officially decided it was a good thing.

We will respond by hand to your requests though so feel free to contact us each time you want to check on things, or make changes to your account. We will respond one time and then do nothing until you request something else.

We fully understand that this is "weird". Most companies will mail, charge late fees, email, call, fax, and send the bill collector when they do not get paid. If that is what you want, we understand. Unfortunately, we do not have a method in place to do that, and at this time, we do not want one.

If your account is behind, we understand it is entirely the fault of GavTRON and our "crazy" business practices. We know you are an honest person. We know that most people do not balance their bank accounts. We really do understand, and we do not blame you at all for being mad. In an effort to prevent future bad feelings, we would like to work with you to catch up your account if you like. We understand if you want to change to another provider, but please let us know so we can quit paying to keep your service active. We want to work with you to find a fair solution for both of us.

As many of you know, we are not advertising for new customers. We no longer pay a 24 hour call center. However, we do plan to continue to serve our existing customers as long as you want to be served. We might even consider activating new service for your friends and family if you ask nice.

If there is anything we can do, just leave a voice mail on our toll free line 1-866-GavTRON.

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