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Customer Comments!

  • Proactive approach was impressive. He called to see if I requested the changes and how he could help. Ultimately he solved the issue. Overall support has been very good.
  • thank-you....I appreciated your help and you did not make me feel dumb.good job, Colleen
  • I got through in less than 1 minute, and had the problem fixed in about 1 minute. Great Job! I think his name was Ryan, but I am not sure. Thanks for being there.
  • He didn't make me feel stupid. He was very nice and didn't have a condesending attitude.
  • Abe A was great!! I don't know much about computer's and he talked me threw what I needed to do to get my computer back up and running. I would recommend your support team to everyone with a problem. Thanks a whole lot Abe A. Your a life saver!!
  • Sarah was very helpful in solving the malfunction we experienced. She knew what steps to take and when to take them. This young lady is obviously under-paid. Give her a raise! You need to keep employees like her around both for your benefit and ours.
  • AWESOME! Slade was just GREAT! Very Pleasant and got straight to the problem.
  • I did not get her name, but she recognized my problem immediately, and took care of it. It was great. I am glad to be back with GavTRON. Thank you Claudia
  • Quinn was my technician today. She helped in less than 3 minutes! She was very calm and gracious. I love GavTRON's customer service dept ! Melinda / Las Vegas
  • BRANDON WAS THE MOST HELPFUL TECHNICIAN....He deserves a raise and a vacation! He realized that my NORTON anti-virus system and firewall program was the problem to getting my logged on to my email...he was brilliant, very calm,kind,persistant
  • I really appreciate Danny's helpfulness and patients with me today. He was very profesional. I first called on the phone and they connected me to Danny and then he took care of it. Thank You
  • justin a was very helpful and a joy to work with on the phone he was very knowledgeable about the problem i was having and guided me through it to a very satisfactory conclusion.
  • great help and frendly only was a short time to fix. thank you the hudson's
  • After finishing with the technical support phone call I tried sending photo on msn messenger and all the pictures were received by the other party. Thanks for all your help and support. It is greatly appreciated!
  • Jeremy was very effective and knowlegable
  • cheerful and encouraging which is appreciated
  • Matt fixed my problem.
  • Jason quickly helped me resolve a disconnection problem and assisted me in locating the On-line session activity screen which will allow me to monitor On-Line Activity time. Thanks for your help.
  • Duke walked me through many steps to get more speed on my internet connection. He was very pleasant and helpful. He didn't make me feel like I was stupid becasue of my limited computer knowledge. I was very satisfied. Thanks Duke. Debbbie
  • Jordan knew right away were the problem was. He was helpful in resolving the problem.
  • Calling Tech. Support I recieved expertise help from Jeremy B. I'm extremely satisfied with Gavtron Tech Support, and the Customer Support from this individual.
  • I'm very satisfied.
  • I don't know alot about computers and the person who was helping me had to have a lot of patience. He was courtious in helping me with a very frustrating problem. Thanks alot Rod
  • Russell was very helpful and took care of all of my needs.
  • David was very helpful in assisting me on getting my internet set up on my computer. His instructions were good and he seemed very nice.
  • I was very appreciative of the help that I received.
  • Joe was able to solve my problem promptly.
  • JODI Thank You. You stayed with me and got me working.
  • Greg, I really appreciated your help.
  • I was very impressed with the way Steve handled my call. He knew right where to look and what to do. He gave me the information I needed to help me know and in the future. Thanks so much.
  • We were well taken care of and are very satisfied with our service. We have not received any spam mail since we started our service with Gavtron which is very nice. We appreciate the service you give. Thank you. Reed
  • Chuck was great. He got right to the problem. In the middle of the service call, my cell phone died. He called me immediatly on the land line and finished up. That spells extra effort to me. Thanks
  • Whenever I contacted eighther Customer Support or Technical Support, all questions where answered or all help was taken care of within a single call and conversion. Thanks! Rick
  • Great job, The responce was quick and took care of my problem. Thanks
  • good English. The phone was answered within a minute.
  • I really appreciate this service. thanks.
  • You guys are great. You always fix any probabem I have in a timely manner.. Thanks
  • Very good service (one Call that's all)Thanks Bondo
  • very much in depth and involved a technician who went overboard in his willingness/patience.
  • Excellent communication. Thanks for the expert help.
  • Jack did an excellent job in knowing how to get a web page. Thanks
  • He was very helpful,& didn't make me feel stupid for not knowing anything.
  • He was very helpful. I appreciated how clearly he was able to walk me through the steps I needed to follow to accomplish what I wanted.
  • Had a problem after updating OS which eliminated security settings for OE-took about 1 minute to fix. Thanks.
  • Nate was very helpful and very knowledgable.
  • Sean in admin escalations is brilliant and one of the most knowledgable people I have ever spoken to! My computer is now operating beautifully and I feel my difficulty is resolved, once and for all. I recommend gavtron for their personal support!!!!
  • David H. was very professional and very patient as we walked thru the problem. I appreciate your help very much! Sincerely, Andrea
  • Daunibau is the most friendly, patient and effective help I have EVER received! I could not be more happy with the way he helped me in all aspects. I could even tell he had a smile as he spoke with me! How can I hire you for future work? Excellent!
  • This guy is excellent, he did everything he could to help me bring up internet explorer. I have a problem in Windows and will go from there. Give this guy a raise. I have never met a more helpful customer service tech.
  • very helpful and great to work with!
  • I appreciated the help from this technical support individual, it was refreshing to have one so curteous and willing to solve my problem as well as soothing my nerves. Thanks, Darlene
  • I appreciate you good attitude and helpfullness. We just got a new lap top with an offer for free internet sevices for 6 months with another company. But we have has such great service we wont be switching.
  • Gary was very patient with me while I went to different rooms between the computer and phone while he walked me through my set up process for two identities on my Outlook Express. THANK YOU GARY! Gary knew exactly what to do and was very professional
  • Daren was quick with the correct information I needed to get my dial up set up right. Very nice and pleasant on the phone.
  • Rick really persevered to get the problem fixed and was very professional. THANK YOU RICK! I know it must be difficult to walk people through things to fix whatever might be wrong or to set things up. GOOD JOB! I am glad that I switched to Gavtron
  • The person was very helpful and patient with a customer who doesn't know beans about the computer and is very slow learning but appreciates a little more knowledge every time I get into trouble. I was able to find my problem.
  • I appreciated his suggestion that I scan with mcafee when I got connected. I did and a virus was found. Thanks!
  • solution was very helpful and rewarding
  • She was very helpful and knew exactly what she was doing.
  • Patient and understanding
  • Vance was very helpfull in resolving this problem . Thank You
  • i was pleased with your effort you showed me thank you very much my internet is working great thank you billy
  • Thanks. I can open the attachments now.
  • The tech did a great job and was very friendly. Thanks.
  • it's nice to know that there are people like Kristi who can go right to the solution.

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