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The NetFAQs ON-LINE HELP SYSTEM will help you with anything regarding setting up internet applications on your computer. NetFAQs covers many of the most common internet programs that you may want to use.

We hope that NetFAQs can assist you in solving all of your internet problems.  However, if you have technical support questions that are not answered below or in the NetFAQs ON-LINE HELP SYSTEM please feel free to call us at 1-866-GavTRON or email help@gavtron.com .

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Before calling for technical assistance there are a number of things that you should try. The following solutions fix about 80% of technical support issues. Trying these first may save you time.
  1. Turn your computer all the way off, including the modem if it is external, and then try dialing in again.
  2. Make certain your caps lock is not on.
  3. Make sure your username is all lower-case with no spaces and does include @gavtron.com .
  4. Make sure your phone line is working.
  5. Make sure your bill is current.

Here are a few of the most common items to check that can cause dial connection problems. There are many many many more, just search google.
  1. Verify that your modem software is correct for the modem you have and that it is the latest version and intended for your version of Windows.
  2. If the connection only ends when Outlook Express is running, you need to NOT check the hang up after sending and receiving box in Outlook Express, tools, options, connections.
  3. Verify your "Idle time before hanging up" in Dial Up Network connection settings. Control Panel, Network Connections, Properties, Options.
  4. Verify that the problem still occurs when all wiring, phones, faxes, answering machines, alarm systems, and other devices except the one computer in use are physically unplugged from the phone line. (Even if they're in a different room or building.) If this makes a difference, plug the devices back in one at a time until you find the problem. Disconnecting the phone wiring in the building entirely and directly connecting a laptop to the phone box on the outside of the building is the best way to test this. If you don't have a laptop, run a short CAT5 cable through the window to test.

If you have tried the above suggestions and your connection to the internet is still not working please have the following information and products available when you call:
  1. The exact error message if any. This will help the technician know exactly what the problem is.
  2. Which operating system are you using? Windows ME, Windows 98, Macintosh OS9 etc...
  3. What is the exact brand and model of your modem. This can be found in the modems control panel.
  4. Have your OS CD handy. For example, your Windows 98 installation CD .
  5. Be at your computer. We will, most likely, need to walk you through many steps that depend on your individual computer. We cannot tell you how to fix it and have you do it later.

Technical Support options:

Phone: 1-866-GavTRON
Email: help@gavtron.com
Search WWW Search GavTRON.com