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**HOT** New GavTRON.com customer referral program!!!

Did you know that GavTRON.com will now pay you $12.00 per customer, per quarter, for referring your friends and family to our $19.95/mo+, dial-up service? There is no limit to the number of customers you can refer either, we will really pay you!!

GavTRON.com now has local dial-up numbers all over the world! No matter where you or your friends and family are, you can now use fast, reliable, GavTRON.com internet access and dial a local number!

For every new unlimited dial-up customer you refer to GavTRON.com, we will credit your account $12.00 per customer every quarter!! That means that one referral gives you an AWESOME price on your access. 5 could make it FREE, and more could become a source of income. Yes, you read correctly, this is not a one time commission like most program's, we keep paying you as long as both your account and the customer you refer have active accounts in good standing.

Just tell your friends about all the great services the internet and GavTRON.com have to offer, have them call our 24hour toll free number, (1-866-GavTRON) and open an unlimited dial-up account. During the registration process, our customer service representative will ask your friend for your registration number so we can give you credit. So give it to your friends with our toll free number. (1-866-GavTRON) Better yet, help them register and set their computer up. Show them some of your favorite web sites, show them how to search, and send e-mail to you.

With our new state of the art network, 24 hour call center, awesome price plans, and world wide access, we are ready to grow and do more business than ever, we hope this incentive plan will help you, us and our future customers.

Thanks for your business, may all your dreams become reality and have a truly wonderful day!

GavTRON.com Internet Access

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