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Welcome to Ask the Expert from GavTRON.com. Click here to connect for FREE today!

The “Ask the Expert” chat enables you to get convenient, comprehensive answers without even lifting a phone! Get the answers you need today with Ask the Expert.

When a question arises, you may prefer to communicate via a computer rather than through the telephone. Now, you can do just that. Simply click on the new “Ask the Expert” icon and you are immediately connected to a customer service representative via our online chat feature. The “Ask the Expert” chat feature expands far beyond the typical technical support functions. It’s a comprehensive Q&A resource that provides answers to ANY Internet-related question.

For example, you might request an online resource for the latest sports scores. The customer relationship management representative would then “push” a few applicable sports sites directly to your Web browser, giving you the information you need quickly and easily.

The Web-based chat feature is simple to use. After the customer clicks on the “Ask the Expert” button, the chat window will appear on your screen. Once the customer initiates a chat request, the call is placed in a queue. All chat requests are given exactly the same priority as an incoming phone call. All chat requests are answered in the order they are received. Our "Ask the Expert" Team can suggest specific websites to assist you with your needs. These websites appear instantly on your browser live! In addition to answering your Internet related questions, Ask the Expert can also show you where you can get the latest nation-wide dial-up locations, member accounting, weather, headline news, and more!

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